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Red Lion Films | Annoyance is Ignorance
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Annoyance is Ignorance

The customer service relation is a business’s most important aspect, well, if you want to stay in business, that is! Just being polite or professional doesn’t always make the cut. All good customer service people know it’s a lot more complicated than that!  Often what you say matters less than how you say it, and this can go both ways – your communication style can influence the interaction both for better and for worse.

So here’s a list of not-to-do that every company should remember!

“I don’t know”
What you should be saying is, “I’m not too sure, but I’ll just check that for you.” Its okay to not memorize every single detail of every single product but it’s not okay to be nonchalant about your service to a client.

There’s nothing wrong with our products”
Even if you’re absolutely sure that you’re products just perfect, you cannot accuse a client of lying or his lack of understand.

“Please try again later.”
The client’s time matters. And you have to make him feel that you know that.

“That’s our policy.”

Unlike to what you may think, your internal policy decisions have nothing to do with one’s expectations of customer satisfaction. Such an attitude might be helpful in the moment, but for the long run it surely is a loss.

“You’ll have to go to our website.”

That’s just another way of saying that you can’t help a customer. Instead of making it a longer struggle for your customer, send them a direct link to the site. This helps them to get their work done and for you to earn some loyalty points!

“That’s not my responsibility.”
This just flat out means that you are here to sell and not help customers. You took your customer’s money so it is completely your responsibility to help them out when they need you.

“Would you mind holding for a second?”
Have you ever thought about what would happen if they said they did? Stop being vague, give them a direct answer about the process involved, keep them in the loop. “I’ll just have to put you on hold and speak to my supervisor about this so that I can guide you better.” Sure it’s a lot of talking. But if you’re in business with them, you owe them an explanation.

These are the winners when it comes to annoying customers, for us. Share your thoughts below with your favorites!

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