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Red Lion Films | Benefits of using infographics!
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Benefits of using infographics!

What do we understand by infographics? And why is it even used in businesses nowadays? Infographics, the new age tool has proved to be an easier way of understanding visual representations of information, data or any complex methods, graphically.

According to research, visuals have been able to retain a greater impact on various minds. We prefer going through several pictures and videos instead of piles of data on the web. Ever wondered, what is the reason for social media marketing overtaking everything else? With the help of sharing innumerous infographics daily, social media has swayed away the online market completely. A brand stands out from the rest, if its strategy includes the use of infographics.

Reasons why a brand should opt for infographics:

  • Make it attractive – Who doesn’t like attractive contents? With the use of images that combine different colours, textures, content and doodling, it can capture the attention of our eyes.
  • Easily Scanned – Human mind can hold and remember visuals more than text.
  • Increases traffic – It has the ability of gaining traffic to a website via different social media. Infographics can easily become viral if liked by diverse social groups of people.
  • Brand Awareness – It helps in spreading brand consciousness with the use of attractive infographics along with the brand logo.
  • Optimization of SEO – Any well designed infographics can drag audience to like, click and share it. This can help in SEO and increase its efficiency in the Google Page Rank Algorithm.
  • Sharing Capabilities – The portability of infographics has risen because of the embed code being provided in the website or blog, which can create an automatic link from the site to the brand page.
  • Global Coverage – Local print media is losing importance as compared to online media. Infographics can therefore reach out to a number of audiences globally.
  • Engage Customers – Show your sense of creativity and expertise with the use of infographics that could engage audience and make them connect to your brand easily.

Powerful, well-made infographics can be successful for a business to flourish. Execution of presenting various data, poll results, statistics with much simpler infographics to showcase the product or service, explain how things work or comparing of a topic can be a win-win scenario for the brand.


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