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Red Lion Films | Pinterest – Ways to gain enough traffic!
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Pinterest – Ways to gain enough traffic!

Social media sites are increasing in importance compared to any other online sites day by day. Facebook, the boss of social media has already gained fame. Gradually, Twitter and Instagram also started becoming quite popular.

People would want a website that is not just accessible via web but also through mobile phones. Pinterest, a web and mobile application, allows people to upload media content like pictures and videos with the collection of various pinboards. It is an app launched recently and is getting hold of the business market especially. People are uploading pictures of interesting things. They pin, re-pin, like and share views!

For a business to flourish, the page needs to get hold of enough followers to like their page. But the question arises, is there any way to get more followers on Pinterest? Pinterest has several ways to gain traffic! Few of them can be listed as:

  • Increase Pins – Statistics say that repins are more in number than pins. People tend to repin more than original content. Whereas, with more pins, having original content, reflects the brand image and makes it connect with people having the same outlook.
  • Comment – Everybody loves response! Choose a popular section on pinterest and start commenting on it to increase popularity of your brand. But remember to observe the images carefully instead of just trying to gain forced attention. People who would love your page might start following you.
  • Repin and Tag – With more repins and tagging, a person can approach more people and promote the business.
  • Follow – If you follow a list of people, a certain expected number of people would follow you back. Choose the people to follow carefully so that you could get some effective content in return to repin it, on your page.
  • Hashtags and impressive titles – This is the year when hashtags came into power. Hashtagging helps in attracting users to take advantage of Pinterest’s search feature. Select your keywords intelligently that would be trending.
  • Promote the individual boards – Instead of making people go through the whole profile, one could boost the most liked boards and promote them successfully. People like to read only what interests them and not go through the complete profile.
  • Add Pinterest Follow Button – The follow button placed in the header, footer or sidebar of the website could make it easier for people to find your brand page and convert them into followers.
  • Utilize the special occasions – Make people feel important and connect with the brand by arranging a board designed for the special occasion or holidays that could easily draw their interest to your account.
  • Link with other social media sites – Bringing your family, friends and followers to like your board from various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ could help in increasing traffic. Similarly, one could share in the other social media sites to promote the pinterest boards.
  • Join combined boards – One could easily share quality pins with other well known boards. This could help you get appreciation if your pin is liked by the followers of those groups.

A good business is who understands how to keep their followers happy and also use strategies in a clever manner to build a greater engagement between the customers and the brand.

Share with us more marketing tips if you have any!

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