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Red Lion Films | The Social Network
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The Social Network

Back in the day when Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook he couldn’t possibly have guessed where it would be standing today in the virtual world. Similarly, when Facebook ventured into the advertising business nobody could’ve guessed that it would become a necessity for online marketing.

Though Facebook is the premiere social networking platform, it also holds a lot of potential for businesses. In fact it can help businesses in growing and reaching out to a new customer base and add to their popularity.

A lot of people being new to the age of social marketing might question the importance of advertising on Facebook and even think of it as a trivial thing to do but the site has given us enough proof to make us believe that it’s here to stay, and here are a few:

  1. Interaction with customers- Facebook is a great way of creating a two-way communication with your customers. By setting up a group or a page on the site, not only can your clients and customers be updated about all your activities but you too get direct feedback. Also all members are willingly a part of the page and hence you reach your target audience.
  2. Bringing in a personal touch- For any business it’s important to be well connected. Facebook let’s you do that and have direct involvement. Through posts and comments one can have live conversations with people who actually matter.
  3. Develop a loyal fan base- With the help of Facebook communities; businesses can develop an active and loyal fan base by hosting daily quizzes, interactive posts, and promotional campaigns even while offering incentives.
  4. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of any marketing plan. Having an active Facebook page helps that as search engines index all the links and posts getting the business a higher ranking as compared to their ‘not active on Facebook’ competitors.
  5. Viral Promotion- On liking your page, your updates automatically get placed on people’s newsfeed. This prevents your firm in being ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and out of business.
  6. Cost Effective- Not to be forgotten, promoting your company through Facebook is basically free, you don’t even spend money in acquiring new clients as they are already present on the site and hence aware of you!
  7. Staying ahead- Ultimately the most important reason for you to be on Facebook is that everybody else already is. Today the competition is cut-throat and if you’re still wondering about being on social media, you’re lagging behind already!
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